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We offer reliable information for individuals who aim at pursuing a career as a certified nursing assistant. You can browse through our website to find lists of state-approved CNA Classes, CNA Certification information for each state, free CNA training courses available in your area, complete details of Nurse Aide Registry of every state, state-wise CNA Salary information and latest CNA job postings in your state.

Who is a Certified Nursing Assistant?

Certified Nursing assistants or CNAs are entry-level healthcare professionals. The nursing schools prepare them for offering direct care to patients in varied health care settings. They also assist licensed practical nurses and registered nurses in treating patients, and help them in providing hands-on patient care. General duties of a CNA include making patient's beds, toileting residents, documenting food and fluid intake by patients, setting up metal trays, reporting patient's changes in medical conditions to the supervisor, tiding and cleaning the resident's space etc. CNA as a career has lot more information involved, which every new nurse aide aspirant wishes to know. To learn more on this topic go on our CNA Guide page.

Where to Find Best CNA Classes?

Each state offers abundant number of CNA classes and training, but it's totally your responsibility to check if the one you are interested in has been approved by your state or not. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of best state-approved certified nursing assistant classes for every state. For being eligible for enrollment in the CNA class, aspirants are required to fulfill certain criterions, which can differ from state to state. These prerequisites have been outlined too. We have also covered free CNA Training options for the candidates who cannot afford to pay thousands in tuition fee of campus based training programs.

Is it Necessary to Get CNA Certification?

Absolutely! All states require a nursing assistant to be certified. However, the criterions of CNA certification may vary with state. We have discussed the process of certification and all other details related to this topic here. For instance, the number of hours of CNA training a candidate requires to attain varies from state to state. Everything has been organized state-wise, so you won't face difficulty while navigating through it.

What is a Nurse Aide Registry?

A nurse aide registry records the details of all certified nursing assistants in a state, and all states maintain their own nurse aide registry. Lists of CNAs who have been charged of neglecting their duties, abusing or misusing their property are also maintained by it. The registry can be accessed by a phone or through the internet. Employers refer to a state's registry when they have to confirm the status of a nurse aide in that state. You can find complete details of nurse aide registries of all states on our Nurse Aide Registry page.

How Much Does a CNA Make?

Salary earned by a CNA varies with state. Several other factors like area of employment, source of employment, years of experience etc determine what a certified nursing assistant would make. For instance, a CNA working in a city will earn more than the one employed in a rural area. A fresher normally earns in between $8 and $11, but a candidate with 1 year of working experience would easily earn between $12 and $14. For you to get a better idea, we have covered the salary earned by a certified nursing assistant state-wise on our CNA Salary section.

How to Search For Latest CNA Job Openings?

A certified nursing assistant can find employment in various healthcare facilities like nursing homes, hospitals, private care centers etc. Be it any state or city, it's not at all difficult to find a CNA job. And yes, why worry when we are there to help! We will keep you posted about the latest CNA job openings in your state. All you have to do is keep visiting our CNA Jobs Segment.

What are CNA Practice Tests?

Prospective certified nursing assistants must prepare for the NNAAP (National Nurse Aide Assessment Program) test properly. One of the best ways to do that is to go through CNA practice tests. This makes you familiar with the pattern of the examination and once you start scoring well in such tests, your confidence level will automatically boost up. We have provided sets of questions that you may practice before appearing for the CNA certification exam. All you need to do is enter your email address and then attempt the list of CNA Practice Tests prepared by us.