CNA certification program in Alabama runs under the direction by the Department of Health. This program is designed in a way that after earning this certification, students can face the challenges of the actual job.

The CNA certification in Alabama requires a minimum of 75 hours of intense training and 100 hours of typical clinical rotation, which lasts for 8 to 13 weeks. Training includes classroom instruction and practice in clinical sessions. The reasons behind this intense training are to use the skills for the betterment of patients and to get a job. After passing the examination, you are supposed to register yourself with Alabama Nurse Aide Registry. During 2 years of time period, you need to work for at least 40 hours as a nursing assistant to renew your registration with Nurse Aide Registry.

In order to get CNA certificate, you not only need to complete the CNA training program, but also need to pass the certification exam.

Alabama CNA Certification Requirements:

Following is the eligibility criteria in order to earn the CNA certificate:

  • You need to pass the Nursing Assistant Examination and also provide your GED certificate or the high school diploma.
  • You would require need to finish the training program.
  • You have to submit a photo ID, two fingerprint impressions, current background check and two passport size photos.
  • You have to provide the report of TB test of last 6 months with your immunizations proof.

Transferring CNA Certification:

You can get your CNA Certificate transferred following the steps below:

Your CNA certification should be valid and active in the state you want to transfer from, and you are required to be listed on Nurse Aide Registry to keep that status active.

You should have a clean record of your career and there shouldn’t be any misconduct reported against you, for example: use of abusive language or neglecting the patient.

If you work with nursing homes then you can easily transfer your CNA certificate, though, in some cases, you will not be able to transfer to the other states, if you don’t have experience with nursing homes even if you are certified.

CNA Certification Renewal in Alabama:

In Alabama, you are required to renew your nursing assistant certificate in every 2 years. You get the intimation a couple of weeks before the expiry of your certificate which comes from the Nurse Aide Registry. It is instructed by the Nursing Aide Registry to complete all necessary paper work and also deposit the required fee in order to renew your license.

Most employers bear all the expenses related to the renewal of your license. One thing needs to be taken care of is that once your license expires, you might be asked to re-appear for the nursing assistant training and retake the certification exam.

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    How can I renew my CNA Certification in Alabama?

    Hi Everyone, I just got my CNA license and started my nursing career in Alabama. I want to know, how can I renew my license when the time comes? Please guide me with the complete procedure I need to follow. Thanks a lot.
    Jaime Jackson
    Jaime Jackson
    4 years ago
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      Hi Jaime, congrats for your CNA license but it is very important for you to know that it is valid only for two years from the date of last license renewal. So you should apply before the renewal date, to enjoy uninterrupted practice. For this, you need to contact the State CNA Registry of Alabama. You can contact them through US mail or online. Then you will be mailed a copy of Nurse Aide Registry Renewal Form. It includes two different sections: - in the first part, you are expected to provide your personal information and certification number. The remaining part is to be filled out by the supervisor or your current health care employer.
      Rob Dickens
      Rob Dickens
      4 years ago