The Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification program helps aspirants to provide better healthcare services to the citizens of Arkansas. This program is based on nurse aide training, which is approved by long term care office in Arkansas.

As per federal regulation, 75 hours are the minimum training time that needs to be spent for every certification program in the Arkansas. The CNA certification in Arkansas requires 100 hours of typical clinical rotation that lasts for 8 to 13 weeks in order to earn 75 accredited hours. The nurse assistant classes conduct for 2 to 6 months, training program includes infection and dignity protection, personal care and health emergencies. You perform in the supervision of a skilled nurse in a long term care facility or in hospital.

In order to earn a CNA certificate as a nursing aide/assistant, you should have the sufficient knowledge about the certified nursing assistant training program. For this, you need to qualify for all examination requirements, which are prescribed by the state of Arkansas.

Alabama CNA Certification Requirements:

Below are the following necessary requirements to get the CNA certification in the state of Arkansas. Read on to know more:

First and foremost requirement is to complete the required training course or program. You also have to pass the Certified Nursing Assistant Exam and also need to provide your General Educational Development certificate or high school diploma.

You have to provide a photo id, two finger print marks, and two passport size photos. License will not be provided, if your background check comes out to be negative. You have to provide the TB test report of last 6 months and your immunizations proof.

Transferring CNA Certification:

Below are the ways by which you can transfer your CNA certificate:

If your Nursing Assistant Certification is valid and active than you are eligible for CNA transfer. This will only be happened, when your name will be listed on Nursing Aide Registry.

You have to also contact for the nurse assistant reciprocity form from the state where you want the transfer. Part of this form will be completed by you as well as by the current employer. Once your form is approved than you are eligible for transfer.

CNA Certification Renewal in Arkansas:

In Arkansas, you are required to renew your nursing assistant certificate in every 2 years. You receive the information of renewal 2 to 3 months before your license expiration date. In case, you don’t receive any information about your license expiration date then you need to contact Arkansas Nursing Assistant Registry for the renewal form.

For license renewal, you must be working as a nursing aide for an average of 8 hours in 24 months, with a clean record as a nursing assistant, till the date of expiry. It is instructed by the Nursing Aide Registry to complete all necessary paper work every year also deposit the necessary fee the license renewal.

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    How can I find out that my nursing assistant certification is active or expired?

    Hi, I started my professional career as a nursing assistant, after getting my CNA certification, i.e. on 1-12-2009. Back then, I didn’t check the status of my certification. Therefore, I wanted to know if my certification is expired or not? Thanks in Advance.
    Casey Norm
    Casey Norm
    4 years ago
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      Hi Casey, if you want to find out that your CNA license is expired or not, you should go online, on your state's CNA registry website. Here, you will get a certification verification page. Fill the page with the required information and then submit it by clicking the submit button. Then you will get a result displaying your status of your certification, license number and your full name. You can also get the required information about the status of your certification, by calling the nurse aide registry.
      David Karner
      David Karner
      4 years ago