CNA certification in CA, is a certification program, which is governed by the California Department of Public Health’s Aide and Technician Certification Section (ATCS) in the state of California. The nursing assistant programs are conducted by different colleges, occupational centers and adult education program centers, which are approved by ATCS.

CNA is only the entry level position for making a career in nursing service. Training is very necessary in order to perform as a Certified Nursing Assistant. To become a CNA in California is comparatively easy. After passing the CNA certificate in California, you are supposed to work in Nurse Aide Registry.

For Certified Nursing Assistant, you have to undergo the training program and clinic rotation that lasts for 8 to 13 weeks to gain 75 accredited hours and have to score the passing marks in CNA examination.  You have to attend the nurse assistant classes for 2 to 8 months too.

If you fail the exam you are allowed to retake the exam for three times in 24 months. There are a lot many online test preparation resources by which you can prepare for the exam.

California CNA Certification Requirements:

One needs to fulfill the following basic requirements in order to earn a CNA certificate:

The minimum age for qualifying for the CNA certification is 16 years. However, you need to provide an application from your parent to apply for this program.

You have to pass the Nursing Examination from accredited colleges and also present the high school diploma or the GED (General Educational Development) certificate. You have to pass the skin TB (tuberculosis) test.

You have to submit 2X2 passport size photos, a photo id, two finger print impressions, and also state background check (which is a proof of your honest work).

Transferring CNA Certification in California:

Following are the steps which you can transfer your CNA certificate:

Your license must by active and should have a good track record as a nurse, only then you are eligible to take transfer to other states.

You are supposed to work as a CNA at least for one day in previous 2 years. You might need to provide the information regarding your social security number, present CNA approval, recent job details, education proof and background check to the new state.

You have to contact Nurse Aide Registry of the state where you want the transfer and ask for the nurse assistant reciprocity form.

CNA Certification Renewal in California:

In California, it is necessary to get your nursing assistant license renewed within two years. You will also receive prior information from the Nurse Aide Registry that states about your license renewal. In a case of not receiving the information, you will have to fill the renewal form on your own. As per the Nursing Aide Registry, you should complete all documents every year and also deposit the renewal fee.

If you forgot to renew your license in that case you are supposed to reapply for the certification. For this you need to fill the details again and pass the certification again.

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    How CNA I find out my CNA license number online?

    Hello everyone, I live in Eureka, California. I had recently shifted my home. During this transfer, I lost some of my important documents which included my nursing license also. Can anyone tell that how should I go about getting a new one? I am seriously looking for a new job and I need this number as soon as possible. If anybody from you had to replace theirs before? Then you can guide me better. I would appreciate your help. Thanks.
    4 years ago
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      Hi Indierenee, sorry about your license. But don't worry, you can continue your nursing career, as a number of web sites offer these services.

      If your CNA license is still valid, then the procedure becomes very easy. You just have to visit the CNA registry page of your state. Then you will have to fill some information regarding your social security number and your personal details. This is their way of identification to find out, whether you are registered as a state’s CNA or not. Any incorrect information entered on the site can behave as an obstacle in giving you the exact result. So be sure that your personal details are correct and you are on correct state’s website. All the best!
      Karen Flos
      Karen Flos
      4 years ago