The Board of Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in Colorado approves the Certified Nursing Assistant program in the entire state. Many schools, community colleges, community centers, adult learning institutes and long term care facilities runs this program. The main concern of this certification is to give comfort and healthy lives to the citizens.

As per federal regulation, 75 hours of CNA training and 100 hours of real clinical rotation is necessary before taking the CNA examination. It also states that the CNA certification goes for 8 to 13 weeks to in order to earn 75 accredited hours. Classes for nurse assistant may take 2 to 6 months to complete. Training courses are taken by skilled nursing professionals, who have prior work experience in the same field.

After completion of your training, you need to pass the exam in order to get the Certified Nursing Assistant title in Colorado. Successful Nursing students may find jobs in hospitals, home health agencies, rehabilitation centers, nursing care settings, etc. If in case you fail the exam, there are many online classes by which you can prepare again.

Colorado CNA Certification Requirements:

If you are interested in the CNA certification in Colorado, you need to fulfill the following basic requirements. Read on to know more:

First requirement which needs to be fulfilled is to provide General Educational Development (GED) certificate or high school diploma.

You need to finish the required training program and pass the Nursing Assistant Examination to get the CNA certification.

You have to submit the skin tuberculosis report of last 6 months and your immunizations proof along with photo identification, two figure impressions, background check and two passport size photos.

Transferring CNA Certification:

Below are the following points by which you can transfer your CNA certificate:

For the CNA transfer, you need to visit the Nursing Aide Registry for the reciprocity form. This form has different sections, which needs to be taken care by you and the Nursing Assistant Registry. Once your form is approved, you are eligible for transfer.

Your CNA certification has to be active and valid in order to apply for the CNA transfer. It is also mandatory to attend approved training program from where you get the certification.  You also need to pay the transfer fee to the Nursing Aide Registry. You must have a good professional background with a clean record.

CNA Certification Renewal in Colorado:

Your nursing aide certification has an expiry date before which, you need to renew your corticated. If your CNA certification validity comes to an end, you will receive notification, two to three months before the date of expiry of you license from the Nursing Aide Registry. You are supposed to fill and complete the entire renewal form and forward it back on the address.

You must work for minimum specified hours to renew your CNA certificate, you should have a clean record during your tenure.

If your certification has expired, than you need to download and complete the entire form from the link and submit it, which is a proof, which shows your employment of a minimum 8 hours in last 24 months as a certified nursing assistant professional.

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    How to transfer CNA certification from Colorado to Tennessee?

    Hello Everyone, I am Jennifer, a resident of Colorado. Due to some personal reasons, I need to transfer my CNA certification from Colorado to Tennessee. I still have some time but I need to know the complete procedure, which I should follow to continue my nursing practice in the next state.   Do I need to take a certification exam again in Tennessee? How should I proceed? Thanks.
    Jennifer Swon
    Jennifer Swon
    4 years ago
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      Hi Jennifer, No need to worry, there are a number of websites that can help you in this process. You can find the list of CNA registries on the websites, where you will find all the details of your state registry. As you are moving to Tennessee, you should go to Tennessee registry site and read the requirements and procedure for transferring certification on their site.

      In case, you feel something lacking, then you should directly call the Tennessee registry. They will guide you with the whole process. Isn't that very easy? If this process works, post a message back so that others too could follow it. Best wishes.
      George Jefferson
      George Jefferson
      4 years ago