The Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification in Illinois is handled and governed by the Illinois Department of Public Health. This certificate lays the foundation of healthcare career for those, who aspire to make careers in nursing field.

Comparing with other states, CNA certification in Illinois is quite simple to become a certified nursing assistant. Students, who wish to earn this certificate are supposed to be good in Mathematics and English. They need to complete prescribed training and the written exam. After earning this certificate, you may get employment in hospitals, health care institutes and communities, etc.

Just like other states, the health industry in the state is raising at a very fast pace, hence the value of health service providers are also raising rapidly. The federal law says that training is very essential to become a successful CNA. It also says that the CNA training goes for eight to thirteen weeks in order to earn seventy five accredited hours. Nursing assistant training programs may complete in maximum 6 months.

Illinois CNA Certification Requirements

If you are interested in CNA certification in Illinois, following is what it takes to be a CNA. Read on to know more:

  • 75 hours of theoretical and 100 hours of practical training is essential before applying for the CNA certification exam.
  • High School Diploma and General Educational Development (GED) certificate should necessarily be provided.
  • You are required to submit TB test report (of last 6 months), your immunizations proof, photo identification, two figure impressions, background check and two passport size photos.
  • For CNA certification, passing the Nursing Assistant Examination and training program is also mandatory.

Transferring CNA Certification

You can get your CNA certificate transferred to Illinois if you already have a valid one at your current location. Below are steps required to be followed:

Illinois Department of Public Health
Health Care Worker Registry
525 W. Jefferson St., Fourth Floor, Springfield, IL 62761

  • After receiving your reciprocity form at Health Care Department of Illinois, they will send you a fingerprint scan form, which you need to, take to the registered facility in order to provide your fingerprints.
  • Finally send the fingerprints application to the department. They will inform you within 14 to 21 days regarding your transfer status.

CNA Certification Renewal in Illinois

It is essential for every candidate to get the license renewed before the expiry of the certificate. You will be informed in advance by the nursing aide registry about the renewal process. It is essential for you to show the employment record of 8 hours during the last 2 years to remain in the renewal process.

You have to complete the entire renewal form and mail it to the provided address. If your license has expired, in that case you can download the form from

If you don’t fulfill these requirements, you have to take the CNA certification exam again.

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    Is certification necessary for being employed as a CNA in Illinois?

    Hi Everyone, one of my friend has completed CNA training classes from an approved school but was not able to qualify the certification exam due to some medical reasons. Can she start her professional career without a CNA license?  Please help her, as she needs a job as soon as possible. Your suggestions are highly appreciated.
    3 years ago
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      Hi Kim, you cannot legally practice as a nursing assistant in the state, if you are not certified. To be employed in any health care setting of any city, you need to have a certification. You can take the certification exam again, by contacting your state's CNA registry. Best wishes.
      Cna Classeshelp
      Cna Classeshelp
      3 years ago