The Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certificate is organized by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. Nurses and doctors are considered as backbone of the hospital staff. Healthcare field takes years of study and devotion to get you eligibility of providing your services to patients. CNA certificate is a good way, to make your dream career come true.

You can earn this certificate by appearing in a written exam and skill demonstration test. But you can take this exam only when, you will complete the prescribed training. However, in some cases, student can take this exam directly. Every successful student further gets involved in serving the patients.

As per the federal rules and regulations, every aspiring candidate of CNA has to undergo 75 hours of training and 100 hours of clinical service before taking the CNA exam. Training programs are facilitated by skillful professionals, who have previous work experience in the nursing service. The CNA training conducts for 8 to 13 weeks to in order to earn 75 accredited hours. Nursing assistant classes may take 2 to 6 months to complete. It is advised that your name should be listed in Nurse Aide Registry, after earning this certificate.

Missouri CNA Certification Requirements

It is necessary for you, to meet the basic requirements in order to apply for the CNA certification in the state of Missouri:

Proof of your Immunizations and your tuberculosis test report of last 6 months along with photo identification, two figure impressions, background check and two passport size photos is necessary to provide.

You need to take and pass the Nursing Assistant Examination and training plan in order to submit an application for the CNA certification. It is also important to have General Educational Development (GED) certificate or High School Diploma.

Transferring CNA Certification

Below are the following steps by which you can transfer your CNA certificate:

  • First step is to check your certificate from the nursing aide registry that it is still active and in a good standing.
  • Second step is to get photocopy of the certificate from the former state and submit it to the Missouri government.
  • Third step is to get the photocopy of social security card.
  • Fourth step is to write an application to the Department of Health and Human Services at Missouri, requesting to take the CNA exam.

CNA Certification Renewal in Missouri

In every state, nursing assistant certificate has an expiration date, before which you need to renew it from the nursing aide registry. In Missouri, CNA license is valid for 2 years so it is advised to renew your license in every two years. There are two ways to get the renewal form, either you can ask the registry or they will mail you the form on your address, in advance. You need to fill the form and send them back. Part of the form will be completed by your employer too, so that it will become easy for the state to do verification that you have performed the role of nursing assistant for at least for 8 hour during the last 2 years.

In a case of not meeting the above requirement, you need to apply for the certificate and renewal again.

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    Do I need to get a recertification done?

    Hi all, my name is Kate.. and i have recently shifted to Missouri. Previously I was employed at a hospital in Tennessee. I now need to know whether i can get my certificate transferred to Missouri with reciprocity process or am I supposed to apply for re certification with the nurse aide registry of the new state again?
    Kate Mcdonald
    Kate Mcdonald
    3 years ago
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      Hello Kate, you need to get your CNA certification transferred through reciprocity process. So if you were active with your previous state registry, then you can challenge the Missouri CNA exam and get registered to the nurse aide registry of Missouri. But before that you need to first submit the proofs of 2 years of continuous working with your previous employer,  copy of your social security card, a working contact number, out-of-state certificate from your previous CNA registry. If you comply with their guidelines and clear the exam, you will be certified to work in the state of Missouri.

      Cna Classeshelp
      Cna Classeshelp
      3 years ago