The Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification program in Ohio is run and managed by the Department of Health. If you aspire to become a CNA, then you have to endure CNA training program and get a hold of the CNA certificate from the state of Ohio. CNA training takes you to diverse skills like interpersonal and communication skills, emergency and safety measures, infection control, personal and nursing skills, restorative skills, operating medical equipments, etc. This training takes you through the legal and ethical compliance, treatment procedure and providing care to the patients.

According to the federal law, all students need to wind up the training program as per the time prescribed. Training plans nurture the skills that help in performing the job role. Students need to focus sincerely during the training as it lays the foundation of their job. Training schedule may last for maximum six months in order to complete entire program and coursework. Successful students get the certificate and opportunity to register their names with the Nurse Aide Registry in Ohio.

Ohio CNA Certification Requirements

If you desire to take on the CNA Certification then it’s obligatory for you to fulfill the requirements.

  • First of all you would require to complete the coursework and training program.
  • Undergoing the Nursing Assistant Examination and presenting your General Educational Development (GED) certificate or High School Diploma to the nurse aide registry would be the next step.
  • You also need to submit your fingerprint impressions along with a positive background check.

Transferring CNA Certification

You can transfer your CNA certificate to the state of Ohio, get to the section below to know more:

You can get your certificated transferred through the reciprocity, if you have active nursing certificate of other state. Your certificate should be listed with a fair career record with no reported misbehave or crime against patients.

You have to fill the reciprocity form completely, attach all necessary documents and mail it back. The state will also confirm and verify all your documents with the state where you want the transfer from.

CNA Certification Renewal in Ohio

In Ohio, the CNA certificate is valid for twenty four months so you need to get it renewed prior to expiration.  Hence, the essential documents (concerning your renewal of certificate) will be sent off from Ohio nursing aide registry a couple of weeks former to the expiry date of your certificate.

There would be instructions with the papers received from the Nurse Aide Registry. To stay in the renewal process, you should have worked as a nursing assistant for at least eight hours in last two years as a paid employee. It is obligatory execute this requirement else your license would lapse.

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