The state of South Carolina organizes Nursing Assistant Certification. The nursing profession is one of the emerging professions that give you both job satisfaction and employment assurance.

As per the federal law, you need to go through 75 hours of class room training and 100 hours of clinical rotation to obtain a CNA certificate. During the clinical sessions, the students get the chance to work in clinics and hospitals, under the direction of experienced medical professionals. Training session goes for maximum 3 months to receive 75 accredited hours. Training covers the topics like communication skills, safety measures, nursing skills, etc. Training conducts in lab and clinics. The nurse assistant classes are conducted for 2 to 6 months. After earning this certificate, your name should be placed on Nurse Aide Registry.

South Carolina CNA Certification Requirements

In order to become a CNA, it is mandatory for aspirants to fulfill all the requirements. Read on:

Complete the required training course or program and pass the Certified Nursing Assistant Exam. Submit General Educational Development certificate or High School Diploma.

Provide all important documents along with a photo ID, two finger prints, two passport size photos, immunizations proof and TB test report of last 6 months. License will not be provided, if background check will come negative.

Transferring CNA Certification

If you have a valid and active CNA certificate of other state and you want transfer to the state of South Carolina. You can do it through reciprocity.

For this, you need to send an application to the South Carolina Nurse Aide Registry, regarding transfer of certificate. All your experience and credentials in the previous state will check by the state of South Carolina. The state will decide, whether, you have matched their requirements or not, in order to work as a certified assistant in the South Carolina.
If your certificate of the previous state is approved by the South Carolina, then it is not necessary to take the certification exam and training again.

CNA Certification Renewal in South Carolina

In most of the states of the USA, the certified nursing aide (CNA) license is valid for two years. You need to renew your license in every twenty four months in South Carolina. You will receive renewal documents in advance before its expiry date. This process runs very smooth if you follow the procedure and mail the form back after filling it, to the mentioned address in given time along with the necessary documents. You also need to deposit some amount (as a fee). If you have worked in a healthcare facility i.e. Medicaid certified or Medicare then you don’t need to pay the fee, your employer has to pay the renewal fee if any.

Your current employment history should also be filled correctly by you as well as your employer. You have to perform some duties of nursing assistant as a paid employee in the last two years. You have to keep this in mind that, you have to take the certificate exam again, if your license expires.

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