The District of Columbia Department of Health-Division of Health Facilities manages and regulates the CNA certification in the state. The CNA certificate is a rewarding documentation that pays you in future. Demand of this certification is huge in Washington DC.

Training schedule is the backbone of the CNA certification in DC. The CNA course includes CPR training, medical technology, reporting, documentation, monitoring vital symbols, daily living duties, treatment and patient care. One can take this training from approved CNA Classes in Washington DC.

Candidates, who are interested for it, may take and pass the CNA exam, which is consists of two parts, i.e. written and skill evaluation test. Written test comprises of 70 questions (multiple choices). These questions check your theoretical knowledge, while skill part comprises of five different skills. You are supposed to perfect in all CNA skills in order to clear the exam. Perfection in both parts will guarantee you the CNA certificate in DC.

Washington DC CNA Certification Requirements

In order to attain a certification, first you need to fulfill the following requirements. Read on to know more:

  • Applicants need to pass the physical and medical exam.
  • Complete the essential training program that lasts for at least 120 hours and splits in classroom instruction, clinical learning and practical training in a nursing home (for 45, 30, 45 hours respectively).
  • In the state, it is essential to complete course work from the recognized college. This will only lead you to the District of Columbia certification exam.
  • Apply and pass the entrance examination.
  • You must have at least the GED or the High School Diploma.
  • Submit all paper work like photo identification, background check, etc.

Transferring CNA Certification in District of Columbia

Below are the points that will educate you more on transferring of CNA certification in DC:

  • Contact to the Nursing Aide Registry of DC for the reciprocity form or application.
  • You must carry an active certificate of your home state.
  • You must have good employment history in your former state.
  • To fit into eligibility criterion of reciprocity, you must have worked as a paid nurse aide in your previous state for at least 24 successive months.
  • You should have successfully completed the state improved training program and competency exam with your earlier state.
  • Once all the above requirements are fulfilled, complete the CNA certification verification form and send the filled form to the state CNA registry along with the complete details of your employment as a nursing assistant.

CNA Certification Renewal in Washington DC

In order to make the CNA certification renewal process smooth, avoid all hurdles by following the given guidelines. Read on to know more:

  • In the District of Columbia, the CNA license or certificate or registration is granted or issued for two years.
  • On the priority basis, you have to apply for the renewal process before it expires. You can also apply for the same via internet.
  • Fill the complete renewal form properly, attach the money order or check as a fee and mail it on the mentioned address.
  • You have to perform the job function as a  CNA for some time in the last 2 years as a paid employee.
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    When do CNA certification expires?

    Hello Everyone, I am Jake and have received my CNA certification just two months back. I need to know, when does the CNA license expires and how would I come to know that my certification is active or expired. I am very much confused. I have been going round and round on the internet. Help!
    Jake Jones
    Jake Jones
    4 years ago
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      Hi Jake, congrats for your CNA certification. In most of the states, CNA certification is valid for only two years. First of all, check that is there any expiration date mentioned on your certificate or not. If not, no need to worry, as some states do not display any expiration date on their issued certificates.

      In general, if you want to continue an uninterrupted practice, you should renew it every twenty four months. States' CNA registry website is the most easy online verification system, where you can check the status of your certification, i.e. whether it is active or expired. After extracting the details from the website, you can contact them. Hope you have a bright future in nursing.
      Naome Giller
      Naome Giller
      4 years ago