CNA Classes in District of Columbia

The District of Columbia Department of Health – Health Care Facilities Division is responsible for approving CNA classes in the District of Columbia. For becoming a certified nursing assistant in this state, a student needs to get enrolled in one of the approved CNA classes and pass the competency evaluation test (known as the National Nursing Assistant Assessment Program examination) conducted by the state board. One must remember that no online CNA classes have been recognized by the District of Columbia.

All certifying assistant classes in this state must offer 120 hour of training to students. Out of 120 hours, 45 hours must be dedicated to classroom training, 45 hours should be given to clinical practice and 30 hours must be dedicated to laboratory coursework. During the classroom studies, students undergo subjects related to topics like, respecting resident’s rights, interpersonal skills, personal care skills, communication techniques, basic nursing skills, cognitive impairment knowledge, emergency procedures, safety measures, basic restorative services, infection control, dementias education, interpersonal communication, rights of clients, promoting independence of the residents and social interaction.

After completing the classes, the student must clear the NNAAP (National Nurse Aide Assessment Program) examination. Thereafter, he gains a CNA certification from Washington DC and he gets added to the nurse aide registry of the District of Columbia.

Approved CNA Classes in District of Columbia

  • Comprehensive Health Academy – Nurse Aide Training
    Contact Number: (202) 388-5500
    Official Website:
    Address: – 1106 – Bladensburg Road North East, City- Washington, District of Columbia – 20002
  • Standard Healthcare Services, Incorporated
    Contact Number: (866) 627-5507
    Official Website:
    Address: – 1073 – West Broad Street, Suite – 201, City- Falls Church, VA 22046-4612
  • Bethel Training Institute
    Contact Number: (202) 723-0755
    Address: – 824 – Upshur Street Northwest, City- Washington, DC – 20011
  • Community College, District of Columbia
    Contact Number: (202) 274-5800
    Official Website:
    Address: – 4200 – Connecticut Avenue Northwest, Intelsat 6P-42, City- Washington, DC – 20008
  • Harrison Center – Career Education
    Contact Number: (202) 628 5672
    Address: – 624 – Ninth Street, Northwest Fourth Floor, City- Washington, DC- 20001
  • J. C. Inc. American Institute of Professional Studies
    Contact Number: (202) 291-8787
    Official Website:
    Address: – 6411 – Chillum Place Northwest, City- Washington, DC – 20008
  • CAPTEC Med Care
    Contact Number: (202) 291-7744
    Address: – 3925 – Georgia Avenue Northwest, City- Washington, DC – 20011
  • Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School
    Contact Number: (202) 797-4700
    Official Website:
    Address: – 1100 – Harvard Street Northwest, City- Washington, DC – 20009
  • Potomac Job Corps Center
    Contact Number: (202) 373-3091
    Official Website: 
    Address: – 1 – District of Columbia – Village Lane, Southwest, City- Washington, DC- 20032
  • Nursing Enterprises Inc. – CNA Program
    Contact Number: (202) 526-2400
    Official Website:
    Address: – 817 – Varnum Street North East, City- Washington, District of Columbia – 20017
  • Home Care Partners, Inc.
    Contact Number: (202) 638-2382
    Official Website:
    Address: – 1234 – Massachusetts Avenue, Northwest, Suite C – 1002, City- Washington, DC – 20005
  • Success International School of Allied Health Sciences, Incorporated
    Contact Number: (202) 636-1878
    Address: – 1916 – Rhode Island Avenue Northeast, City- Washington, DC – 20018
  • Capital Health Institute
    Contact Number: (202) 722-8830
    Official Website:
    Address: – 7826 – Eastern Avenue, Suite – 515, City- Washington, DC – 20012
  • Health Tech Institute, Incorporated
    Contact Number: (202) 291-1578
    Address: – 7603 – Georgia Avenue Northwest, City- Washington, DC – 20012
  • University of the District of Columbia
    Contact Number: (202) 274-6950
    Official Website:
    Address: – 4108 – Eighth Street Northeast, City- Washington, DC – 20004

Scope for a CNA in District of Columbia

The CNA jobs in District of Columbia offer impressive salary packages to those, who have attained CNA certification. However, the salary earned by a CNA professional depends on a number of factors, like area of employment, source of employment and the type of setting an individual works in. According to, the current CNA salary in the District of Columbia is $33,000, which is higher than some of the states of United States. Career as a CNA acts as a foundation to a better profession in the healthcare field. So, you can opt for a program that offers you a higher level of degree in this field.

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    How can I pursue CNA classes within a short period?

    Hi! I am a fast learner and want to complete the classes within a short period. I am not interested in pursuing the traditional CNA classes, as it takes four to six weeks to complete. Is there any other option available? Let me know, if anyone have any information about this. Thanks! 
    Karen Langford
    Karen Langford
    4 years ago
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      Hello Karen! As you said, you are a fast learner, so you can pursue accelerated CNA classes, which gets completed within two-weeks. The coursework of these classes are compact, comprehensive and are focused on a specific study area. The classes are arranged 5 times a week. But accelerated programs are not available online and require full commitment and dedication from your side. All the best for your future!!
      Kendall Hart
      Kendall Hart
      4 years ago