CNA- Career Advancement Options

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) job is one of the best options among all the medical careers. The most probable reason for this is career advancement opportunity, as this profession can help you acquire superior managerial positions through advanced studies. By becoming a CNA, the potential for growth doesn’t stop. So we have discussed different options, nursing assistants can consider for career advancement.

CNA profession can advance their career, by doing extra courses and gradually moving up the career ladder. Many people remain nursing assistants all their lives and are satisfied from their contributions. But some professionals are interested in earning higher salaries and acquiring higher posts. Therefore, such professionals can look out for the following careers, after completing the college degree:

  • Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse: To be employed as a registered nurse in any setting, you need an associate degree in nursing. While a bachelors degree in nursing can lead to BSN certification, which is beneficial in generating higher salary figures. Nursing schools value the experience gained by CNAs. You can also look for programs like, CNA to RN, to acquire the desired career position in a short time. You are required to show CNA license, for getting admission in the program. Registered nurses are the foundational pillars of every medical setting.
  • Nursing Home Administrator: CNAs can progress through a specific career ladder and become administrators. These professionals should have a strong academic background and excellent communication skills. For working on these posts, nursing professionals are expected to hold at least a bachelors degree. But in some states, an associate’s degree is sufficient to legally become an administrator.
  • Geriatric Care Manager: Geriatric Care Managers usually work for elderly people. These professionals are mostly hired by family members, as they can understand their health needs better. This will provide them the facility to stay at their own homes while working. These professionals can also work for well established companies. Additional courses or higher education is required for acquiring this post.

Further options down the road are: becoming a nurse practitioner or physician assistant. These advanced medical professions can be acquired by continuing education in this field. On the other hand, candidates interested in teaching may look out for options like, becoming an instructor at CNA training schools. Depending upon their career goals, they can also move towards administrative roles.

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