CNA Housekeeping Basics

Every medical facility has its own set of duties assigned to different professionals. Housekeeping is one of the basic duties of certified nursing assistants employed in any health care setting. Most of the facilities have an efficient housekeeping unit or floor aides responsible for organizing residents’ rooms or making beds. Still all the nurse aides shoulder these responsibilities, as it reflects their work. A neat and tidy room of your resident reflects your professional identity. Here, we have discussed some basic CNA housekeeping duties:

  • Adjusting Knick-knacks and cleaning rooms: You should take care that the rooms on your unit are looking good. If there are any items out of place, keep them back at their proper place. Everything should be on place and bathroom items should not be kept in rooms.
  • Dusting: Although dusting is majorly the part of housekeeping professionals, but if they are not doing it on a regular basis, then you are expected to remove excess dust with a damp cloth. Your residents can suffer from cough and sneeze due to dust, so you have to be careful.
  • Keeping bathrooms dry: Bathrooms should be always kept dry, as wet bathrooms are slippery and can cause accidents. For preventing such incidents, you should wipe wet areas after washing hands, toileting, etc.
  • Before leaving the room: Before leaving your resident’s room you should always scan it in. You should check whether everything is at place or not? Is the bed properly made? Check properly that there are no clothes or other items on bed or chair. If you don’t get time to clean the room at once, you can do it whenever you visit the patient for any help.
  • Deep cleaning not your responsibility: Being a CNA you are responsible for keeping a clutter free living area for your residents. If there are any issues related to deep cleaning of the room or unit, you should contact the supervisor or any other incharge.

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