CNA Scholarships and Grants

CNA scholarships and grants help the financially weak students in realizing their dream of becoming a certified nursing assistant. Due to lack of CNAs, private firms offer monetary aids to the prospective nurses. Besides private institutions, government also provides grants to the deserving candidates, for pursuing nurse aide training. Scholarships and grants help you cover entire expenses of the training. Read on to know more about nursing assistant grants and scholarships.

How to get grants or scholarships?

All students are not eligible for receiving scholarships or grants, for pursuing certified nurse aide training. You have to meet a specific criterion for receiving monetary aids. Here are the tips for getting grants:

  • Be proactive. Start looking for grants and scholarships while pursuing a diploma in high school.
  • Remember, you alone have not applied for financial aid. There are several other applicants from whom you have to compete. You have to prove yourself as “an eligible candidate” in the eyes of grants and scholarship committee.
  • An outstanding GPA (Grade Point Average) increases your chances of receiving financial assistance.
  • Your application for grants and scholarships should be decent.

Types of grants and scholarships

Here is the description of different types of financial aids:

  • Private grants

Various private firms and institutes like, career advice and recruitment agencies, offer financial assistance to the aspiring candidates. Healthcare facilities and nursing homes offer certain beneficial schemes that help in recovering training expenses. Incentive programs are also organized by some states, to provide a helping hand to the students. Certain long term medical facilities receive funds from state medical boards, annually. They use these funds to train the prospective certified nurse aides.

  • Opportunity grants

Don’t give up your dream of becoming a nurse aid, if you are not eligible or able to get the conventional financial assistance. Different states have different eligibility requirements. This grant is provided according to your income level. You may qualify for the grant, if you are going to pursue nurse aide training through a community college. Visit a community college in your locality and contact the financial assistance department, to enquire about the required qualifications.

  • College grants

Several vocational schools, nursing colleges and community colleges provide monetary assistance to the students. These institutes have separate financial aid departments, which provide information about the requirements essential for obtaining grants and scholarships. Some facilities even pay for your training fees, if you are willing to provide your services to them for a definite period of time, after completion of the training.

  • Disability grants

If you are physically disabled, then you are entitled to receive disability grants through ‘vocational rehabilitation programs’. These programs are conducted by several states. You can gather more information, by visiting either workforce office or district office in your locality.

  • Federal grants

Federal grants are generally provided for short duration nurse assistant programs. This grant is offered to the candidates belonging to minority groups, like single parents, ethnic minorities or women.

  • State grants

You may take the advantage of incentive programs conducted by the state, but you have to work in underprivileged areas after completing the training.

The Workforce Investment Act (WIA)

If you are jobless and wish to start your career as a CNA, then Workforce Investment Act (WIA) allows you to get a free CNA training. This Act came into action, to help the jobless people of U.S.A. Under this Act, there is a provision of free training in several courses, for those unemployed people, who meet specific criteria. CNA training program also come under WIA.

CNA Scholarships and Grants- General information

  • More than 100 universities and colleges receive funds from the Department of Health and Human Services of U.S. These institutions utilize these funds to provide scholarships and grants to the students, for pursuing nursing assistant training.
  • You may get scholarship if you want to continue your studies, to advance your career as an RN or LPN, after becoming a CNA.
  • Various private, state and federal institutes offer scholarships to those aspirants, who are willing to work in under-served or underprivileged regions, after completion of the training.
  • Some nursing employers provide grants or scholarships to the volunteers, for pursuing CNA training. But on completion of the training, they have to work with these employers for an aforesaid period of time.

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