CNA to LPN programs


CNA (certified nursing assistant) to LPN (licensed practical nurse) programs help certified nursing assistants in advancing their career. After working as a nursing assistant, aspirants can work as an LPN. These programs are conducted in various states of U.S.A. If you want to gather more information about LPNs, the procedure of becoming a licensed practical nurse and online CNA to LPN programs, then continue reading this article.

LPN- What is it?

LPN stands for Licensed Practical Nurse. LPNs are also known as Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN). LPNs works under the guidance of physicians and RNs. Licensed vocational nurse performs several job responsibilities, like supervising certified nursing assistants, delivering injections, taking vital signs, recording patient’s information, carrying out laboratory tests, educating the patients and their relatives about hygiene and good health, etc. They may find jobs in the offices of physician, outpatient care centers, nursing homes, clinics, healthcare centers, residential care facilities, etc.

How to become an LPN from a CNA?

Several vocational schools, nursing schools, community colleges and universities conduct CNA to LPN programs. The duration of these programs is one year. The programs are divided into two parts- classroom studies and clinical practice. The topics included in the classroom studies are: child care, surgical nursing, nutrition, first aid, pharmacy, etc. Before enrolling in these programs, ensure that these programs are accredited by the Board of Nursing of the respective state.

To become an LPN, follow the below described steps:

Step 1- Complete the basic education

Obtain a diploma from high school or a General Education Development (GED) certificate, for becoming a licensed vocational nurse. If you are still pursuing a high school diploma, then concentrate more on chemistry and biology.

Step 2- Attend a nursing training program

Enroll for a nursing training program recognized by the respective state. Nursing training programs are conducted by various health care facilities, vocational colleges and nursing schools. The training programs emphasize on various topics, like psychology, pediatrics and adult health. Students are provided with hands-on training in clinical settings and they learn to administer intravenous fluids, give injections, manage medical equipments, check insulin and glucose levels, etc.

Step 3- Qualify the NCLEX-PN Examination

After completing the nursing training program, qualify NCLEX – PN i.e. “National Council Licensure Examination – Practical Nursing”, for obtaining an LPN licensure. NCLEX – PN examination is conducted by ‘National Council of State Boards of Nursing’. The questions in examination are based on pharmacological therapies, effective care, environment, health maintenance, promotion, physiological integrity, basic care, physiological adaptation, etc.

Free CNA to LPN programs

You can pursue LPN programs, absolutely free or at a very low cost. If you are working as a CNA in a health care center and possess the required talent and skills, then express your intention of becoming an LPN to your employer, he might pay for the LPN programs. Search for those organizations and institutes that conduct free LPN programs in your locality. There are various community colleges, which offer LPN programs at a very low cost. Several state recognized online schools also offer free LPN programs to the aspiring candidates. Financial aid, in the form of grants and scholarships, are offered by some community colleges. These grants and scholarships will help you cover entire expenses of licensed practical nurse programs.

Salary and Career of LPNs

As stated in the Occupational Outlook Handbook 2012-13 of the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) of the U.S.A, LPNs earn a median income of $40,380. Further, the salary depends on several factors, like state and health care facility for which they are working, experience and geographical location.

The BLS anticipated a twenty two percent increase in the job opportunities for licensed vocational nurses in U.S.A, by the year 2020. Besides hospitals, a large number of job openings for LVNs will remain available in nursing care amenities and health care centers.

Further education

After earning an LPN licensure, you can continue your studies if you wish to. As per your interest, you may choose to pursue any of the following programs in the field of nursing-

  • Nursing Practitioner (NP)
  • Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)
  • Advanced nursing practice (APN)
  • Master of Science in nursing
  • Bachelor of Science in nursing
  • Nursing Education Certificates in Post-Master’s
  • Clinical Specialist Nurse (CSN)
  • Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM)
  • PhD in Administration
  • PhD in Nursing

CNA to LPN Programs Online

Online programs are designed for those students, who want to refresh their skills in order to re-activate their license. Those, who are working as a nursing aide in a health care center, may also pursue online LPN programs for advancing their career. However, LPN programs are not available entirely online. Several colleges and universities integrate online and on-campus learning. Theoretical portion of the curriculum can be studied via online. For completing clinical practice, visit the nearby campus or healthcare facility.


Various topics included in an LPN online program are: psychology, basic nursing skills, nursing ethics, basic interpersonal skills, anatomy, nutrition courses, communication, drug administration, computer education, nursing concepts, etc.

Advantages of CNA to LPN Online programs:

  • Online CNA to LPN programs provide you a flexibility of time. You can attend online classes according to your own schedule.
  • These programs provide you dual advantage. You can continue your job while pursuing LPN programs.
  • CNA to LPN programs increases job prospects.
  • Online programs are not very expensive. You need not spend money on text books, transportation and tuition fees.

Institutes offering online LPN programs

Several institutes offer online licensed practical nurse programs to the aspiring students, throughout U.S.A. The online programs, conducted by these institutes are recognized by concerned states. The list of these institutes is as follows-

  • Capella university
  • Liberty online university
  • University at Grand Canyon
  • South university
  • Kalpan university
  • Walden university

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