How to Create an Impressive CNA Resume?

A resume is the first meeting between a prospective employer and a candidate. Employers do not interview each and every candidate who is interested in the job. Your resume plays a very vital role in showing that you are worthy of being called for an interview.

While preparing a CNA resume, the candidate must stress upon key elements that the employer is looking for. Because your resume is the first impression of your qualifications and skills, you must highlight your qualities and skills that suit the job that you are applying for. Here is a set of instructions that a CNA must follow while writing his resume:

Your personal contact details, which include your first name and last name, present address of residence, contact number and email ID, should be placed at the top of the resume. For example:

Personal Details

188 Waterfall Road
Cone Area UT 11199
Telephone 555-444-11111

  • It should be followed by your objective, which should be brief but powerful. After going through it, the employer should get an idea of what you can do for them. For instance:


Utilizing my knowledge, ideas and experience for performing and producing results in order to achieve prime goals of the organization, and to explore opportunities and contribute in overall growth of the company.

  • Next, you need to provide details of your education. Include the name of school(s) from which you completed your CNA training and mention all certifications and achievements (if any) you gained during the tenure. Do not forget to detail the tenure of the educational program. For example:

Educational Qualifications

Attended Hope Mary High School October 2009—May 2009
Graduated 15 May, 2009
8005 Apple Street
Cone Area UT 94449
Telephone 334-545-4523

Attended Nurses’ Assistant Program June-July 2009
Graduated with Program Certificate of Completion
Cone Area Vocational School
Allied Health Department
1444 Allie Street
Cone Area Utah 94449
Telephone 555-555-6660

  • Mention your previous experience of work. Write it in a way that it shows that you are a great employee who has very strong work principles. Do not forget to highlight your skills and mention your job responsibilities. For example:

Professional Experience

Part-time Caregiver May 2007—present
Cone Area Nursing Home
25555 ABC Grove Avenue
Cone Area UT 94449

Job Responsibilities

  • Move or shift patient’s room furniture whenever required, monitor supplies and fixtures and keep a comfortable and safe environment for the patient
  • Label clothes and other belongings of the residents and handover precious items to the person who is designated by the authority
  • Lift and turn residents or patients, restrain patients who are disoriented, holding patients in the right position during the treatment, assist involuntary patients
  • Prepare residents or patients for surgery
  • Monitor the patient’s medical condition and enter every little detail in the patient’s record etc

NOTE:- Try to mention each and every little task you perform during the job

  • If you belong to any organization or if you have done any volunteer work, mention it in the resume. Volunteering would really count if it’s done in a healthcare organization like a nursing home or a hospital. In case you have provided medical assistant to one of your relatives, do mention it.
  • Mention any special skills you have. For instance:

Special Skills

Can speak French Fluently
Have command on MS Excel

  • Provide a list of references with their designation details contact information. For example:


Damon Pooper, LPN, Instructor
Dept. of Allied Healthcare Services
Pine City Community College
25555 ABC Grove Avenue
Cone Area UT 94449

Elena Salvatore, Supervisor
Cone City Healthcare
25555 ABC Grove Avenue
Cone Area UT 94449
714-555-3421, extension 780

Bonny Bennet, R.N., Family Physician
25555 ABC Grove Avenue
Cone Area UT 94449

Some More Pointers

  • If your resume shows that you have worked at more than one place, you can be asked why you switched from those jobs or the reason why you are leaving the current job. Your answer should be very logical
  • If you have gaps in your employment history, the employer can always put up a question. Be prepared to answer such questions beforehand

Good resume, confidence and knowledge will help you bag the job you are applying for. All you need to do is have faith in yourself. All the best!

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