Duties of a CNA Working in a Nursing Home


Certified nursing assistants or patient care technicians are also called the ‘eyes and ears of nursing staff, due to the variety of tasks they perform in a health setting, like nursing homes. They are the professionals, who are always in direct contact with patients and help in keeping the health settings working at an optimum level. Read on to explore the basic duties of these professionals in nursing homes.

  • Personal Hygiene: They assist the patients in their day-to-day activities, like brushing teeth, combing hair, bathing, changing, shaving, etc.
  • Maintaining patient’s record: These nurse aides in nursing homes maintain and record the vital statistics of patients, like blood pressure, weight, pulse or temperature on a daily basis.
  • Dietary care: These patient care technicians take care of the intake of nutritional supplements prescribed to the patients. They try to set up the meal tray as prescribed by the physicians. They are also expected to keep a note of the fluid and food intake of the patients.
  • Prevention of bed sores:  To prevent bed sores, these professionals are expected to reposition bed ridden patients regularly.
  • Toileting: Taking care of the toilet needs of the patient is one of the important duties of nurse aides. They help bed-ridden patients by providing them bed pan at periodic intervals and emptying the catheter bags. Depending on the need of the patient, they also help them to visit wash room.
  • Collecting samples: Collecting samples (of urine, blood and sputum) for different medical investigations is also one of the important duties of these professionals.
  • Assisting in surgery: Preparing the patient for surgery is also a part of nurse aides’ duty.
  • Patient transportation: They take the patients for medical investigations, therapy sessions and surgery to and from their beds. They also help them in walking.
  • Equipment usage: Nurse Aides take care of different technical equipments, like ventilators and also assist nurses in using them.
  • Storing laundry: Laundry storage at the right place is also the duty of these professionals.
  • Maintaining cleanliness and housekeeping: To prevent the spread of any kind of infection, these professionals maintain cleanliness and healthy living environment in the setting.
  • Other important duties: Besides all the above discussed duties, one of the important responsibilities of these professionals is to provide emotional support to patients. They also regulate a number of visitors visiting the patients each day, so that patients can rest properly.

Above mentioned duties of certified nursing assistants highlight their importance in nursing homes. But to become a part of this health setting, you should be mentally and physically prepared to serve patients in critical conditions for long hours.

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