Hospitals that Provide CNA Training


There are several hospitals in United States that provide certified nursing assistant training to the aspiring candidates. Put some efforts and time in searching for these hospitals in your locality. This article comprises of features and benefits of hospital training programs. Here you will also find some useful tips to locate these hospitals.

Hospital Nurse Aide Training- Features

Some of the features of certified nursing assistant training programs conducted by the hospitals are:

  • Duration of the training programs carried on by the hospitals is somewhat longer than the programs conducted by nursing facilities and schools.
  • Generally, you need not to pay fees for pursuing training from hospitals.
  • Most of the hospitals also pay for the licensing exams for their trainees.
  • Hospitals provide free training only, if the trainees agree to work with them for a certain period of time after qualifying the licensing exam.

How to find Hospitals that Provide Nurse Aide Training

  • Contact the hospitals in your locality. Enquire them about the CNA training programs. If currently, they are not conducting any training, you may ask to provide the reference of other hospitals.
  • Some community colleges have agreements with hospitals. Visit nearby community colleges and gather information. The hospitals offer funds to these institutions for conducting training programs. The students have to sign an agreement stating their willingness to work with the hospital, for a particular time period.
  • Call the nursing board of your state. The representative of the board will provide you the list of the hospitals that offers nursing assistant training. You can obtain the address and contact details of the hospitals in your locality by visiting the nurse aide board.
  • You may also find hospitals through newspapers. Some hospitals give an advertisement for providing free CNA training in exchange for agreement to work with them for a definite period of time.
  • You can also seek information from your friends about the name and address of the hospital offering nurse aide training.
  • Certified nursing assistants and other nurses may also inform you, if the hospitals they are working for offers training.

Benefits of Obtaining CNA Training in Hospitals

  • You need not to worry about job, after qualifying the licensing exam. The hospitals that offer training, provides you job surety and hires you after passing the exam.
  • The duration of training programs offered by hospitals is somewhat longer. These hospitals provide you detailed theoretical and practical knowledge of the curriculum.
  • As you have to work with the hospital in future, you can get familiar with the working environment during the training.

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