How to Pass Skills Test in CNA Exam?

Are you preparing for the skills test in CNA exam? If yes….read this article. This article includes the tips useful for getting success in the test.

About the CNA skills test

In order to work as a certified nursing assistant, the students have to qualify the skills test in the CNA examination. Qualifying the skills test is the first step to enter in the field of nursing. This test is conducted to verify the basic nursing knowledge and skills of the prospective nurse aides. The test is divided into two parts- written part and clinical part.

  • Written part

The written part of the exam is very easy and comprises of multiple choice questions. The questions are based on fundamental medical conceptions. If you attend the theoretical portion of the training program attentively and study the nursing course with dedication, you can easily get through this part of the exam.

  • Clinical part

This part is a bit difficult. In clinical skills test, you have to demonstrate the clinical skills. If you have learned these skills with dedication during the practical sessions of the program, you will easily pass the test. Students display their skills on an escort. The students, who are appearing for this test, have to carry an escort themselves. The examiner may ask you to display 3 to 5 skills. You are intensely observed and evaluated by the examiner. So be careful while attending the clinical part of CNA skills test.

Useful tips to qualify skills test in CNA examination

Here are some of the tips that will help you pass the skills test:

Tips for passing written test:

  • Sincerely attend the theoretical portion of the CNA training program.
  • Before appearing for the written test, revise the nursing text books and manuals provided during the training program.
  • There are several free practice tests available, which expose you to several multiple choice questions. Take these tests and you will surely get success.
  • Always use the best study material.
  • Discuss the topics and processes with your friends and professors. This will enhance your knowledge about the topics and processes.

Tips for passing clinical test:

  • While attending the clinical test, do not take stress and stay calm. Recall whatever you have learned during the training.
  • Observe the different processes being taught to you during clinical part of the training minutely.
  • Practice the commonly asked clinical skills questions as much as you can. Some of these skills are: measuring vital signs, moving the patient from bed to wheelchair, relocating the patient, grooming a patient, wound dressing, holding a bedpan, etc.
  • Listen cautiously, what your examiner is asking you to do.
  • Before beginning any clinical task, wash your hands. While washing the hands, display the appropriate technique.

Useful Resources

Following resources will help you get success in the test:

  • NNAAP Nurse Aide practice written exam packet

The practice written exam package prepares you for the actual skills test exam. It introduces you to the types and styles of questions that generally come in the skill test. This package comprises of multiple choice questions and it also provides you the answer key for those questions.

  • State Nursing Exam Practice Test

Various states of U.S.A. conduct online nursing exam practice test.  Your answers are checked automatically in this test.

  • Pro-metric Practice Exam

This practice exam comprises of fifty multiple choice questions. You can check your answers through the answer key after completing the exam.

  • Study Books

Various text books are available to guide you for the skills test. These books comprises of several useful tips to qualify the test.

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