CNA Salary in Alabama

In Alabama, nurse aides are receiving salaries higher than national average. According to current job statistics, CNA salary in Alabama is lying between $30,000 and $40,000 per annum. Earnings bagged by Certified Nurse Aides in the state actually depend upon a number of factors. Since, CNA training programs are honed by high school graduates; they receive lower salaries in the beginning of their career. Their CNA salary increases as they bag more skills in their repertoire through experience and higher education of nursing. Another major factor is the location and employer itself. Huntsville, Birmingham-Hoover, and Tuscaloosa are among the cities, where CNAs are receiving rewarding salaries. Alabama allows nurse assistants working independently, while they can secure well-paid jobs at hospitals and home-health agencies too. Self-employed nursing aides are earning up to $14 per hour wages.

Standard CNA Salary:

Here are the average annual and hourly figures, you can make from a CNA job in Alabama:


CNA-alabama 1

Average annual wages in United States


Average annual wages in Alabama


CNA Salary in the Cities of Alabama


CNA-alabama 2

Name of the city Average annual salary
Birmingham-Hoover $28,000
Mobile $26,000
Huntsville $29,000
Tuscaloosa $27,000

CNA Salary in different settings



Name of the employment setting Average annual figures
Hospital $35,000
Nursing Home $27,000
Home care $25,000
Self employed $51,000
Home health agencies $33,000
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