CNA Salary in Colorado

Certified nursing assistants play a vital role in every health care setting. CNA salary in Colorado is very promising, as CNAs in this state are of great importance with such a low cost of living in most of the cities of Colorado, mainly in Midwest region. The yearly and hourly salary of a CNA in Colorado is $21,000-$29,000 and $11.89-$16.46 respectively, which is Increasing demand of these professionals in the medical industry have increased their importance and raised their salary figures too. This is one of the most probable reasons, why professionals from different streams are starting their professional career in this field.

To get into this field one must take a proper CNA training program, after which a CNA certification exam is to be passed. Experience plays an equally important role in qualifying for a CNA job and a good experience even lets you choose the residents, with whom you want to work. Other benefits include, paid sick leaves and vacations. Other most important thing, which decides CNA salary, is the employer. Some employers pay less than others. Like, hospitals pay CNAs much better than nursing homes. To understand this in a better way, have a look at the details of CNA jobs below:

Standard CNA salary


CNA-Colorado 1

Average annual wages in Colorado $26,000
Average hourly wages in United States $29,000

CNA salary in different cities of Colorado


CNA-Colorado 2

Name of the city Average Annual Salary
Denver $26,000
Colorado Springs $23,000
Aurora $26,000
Fort Collins $22,000

CNA Salary in different settings


CNA-Colorado 3

Name of the employment setting Average annual figures
Hospital $29,000
Nursing Home $23,000
Home care $21,000
Self employed $43,000
Home health agencies $27,000
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