CNA Salary in Florida

Certified Nurse Assistants have been paid between $19,000 and $31,000 in Florida. CNA salary in Florida is almost same as national average. CNA jobs in Florida, often taken by high school graduates or GED, have potential to spring up into full-fledged career. Nurse aide is an entry-level position in nursing that literary does not involve professional duties. Anybody of good moral character becomes a nursing assistant after going through a state approved CNA training program.  There are chances of earning higher salaries in urban areas in comparison to rural localities. Fort Myers, Miami, Saint Augustine, Orlando, and Tampa are some of the cities offering better job prospects for nurse aides. In beginning, one may earn lower salaries due to lack of experience and exposure. He/she should consistently strive for achieving higher education of nursing for further appraisals and promotions.

Standard CNA Salary in Florida


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Average Annual Income in Florida


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CNA Salary in Florida Cities


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Name of City Average Salary (Annually)
Tampa $26,000
St. Augustine $27,000
Orlando $26,000
Jacksonville $26,000
Fort Myers $28,000
Miami $28,000

CNA Salary in Different Health Set-ups


CNA- Florida 3

Name of Employment Setting Average Annual Salary
Hospital $32,000
Nursing Home $25,000
Home Care $23,000
Self Employed $47,000
Home Health Agencies $30,000
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