CNA Salary in Indiana

Indiana is the 15th highest paying state for nurse aides. Average CNA salary in Indiana is $30,000 per year. The pay scale offered to nursing assistants in the state ranges from $16,000 to $35,000. CNA training programs in Indiana costs almost nothing, contrary to satisfactory salary packages offered by nurse aide jobs in the state. According to May 2010 data by Bureau of Labor Statistics, 34,990 nursing assistants were practicing in Indiana.  A job projection higher than national average is expected in the state by year 2020.  This might be considered a low-pay job having starting salaries at around $16,000 annually. However, it offers an early exposure of nursing field without engaging into core nursing practices. Nurse aides can lever their salaries by achieving higher nursing education and gaining experience. 

Standard CNA salary


CNA-Indiana 1

Average annual salary in Indiana $30,000
Average annual salary in United States $29,000

CNA salary in different cities of Indiana


CNA-Indiana 2

Name of the city Average Annual Salary
Indianapolis $24,000
Fort Wayne $28,000
Evansville $26,000
Bloomington $25,000
Gary $34,000

CNA Salary in different settings


CNA-Indiana 3

Name of the employment setting Average annual figures
Hospital $34,000
Nursing Home $27,000
Home care $25,000
Self employed $51,000
Home health agencies $32,000
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