CNA Salary in Maine

Becoming a certified nursing assistant is the very first step towards a rewarding medical career. CNA salary in Maine is $20,000-$27,000 yearly and $10.81-$14.68 hourly. This profession is among the best entry level professions in the medical industry. To get into this profession, you need to follow a proper education procedure, i.e. CNA training program, followed by a CNA certification exam. Other than this, you need to consider a few other factors as well, such as job location, experience and employer. In terms of experience, it is obvious that with an increase in experience, you can expect a raise in salary as well.

On the other hand, the job location matters in getting a good CNA salary, in terms of cost of living. Some cities have a low cost of living and some have high. CNA salary in Maine also depends on the type of setting you work in; as some settings, like nursing homes, pay less than other high level settings, like hospitals. Average annual income of a CNA in Maine is slightly less than the national average salary and can change with a number of factors, like geographical location and employment setting. Read on to explore further about CNAs’ salary:

Standard CNA Salary:

Here are the average annual and hourly figures, you can make from a CNA job in Maine:


CNA-Maine 1

Average annual wages in United States


Average annual wages in Maine


CNA Salary in the Cities of Maine


CNA-Maine 2

Name of the city Average annual salary
Portland $23,000
Bangor $22,000
Lewiston $23,000
Augusta $24,000
South Portland $24,000

CNA Salary in different settings


CNA-Maine 3

Name of the employment setting Average annual figures
Hospital $32,000
Nursing Home $25,000
Home care $23,000
Self employed $47,000
Home health agencies $30,000
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