CNA Salary in Michigan

Within Michigan, there is a lot of variation in the salary of nurse aide professionals, which dwells between the brackets of $24000-$28000. The CNA Salary in Michigan thus stands on the medium parameter, if we compare it to the national average salary. Some of the nursing assistants in the state of Michigan even brag an annual salary of $32000 or more. CNAs in urban areas usually earn better than those practicing in rural areas. The hourly wages for CNA in Michigan state are between $12-$16 per hour. Getting a CNA certification in Michigan from a state approved CNA class should be your first step to get a fairly paid CNA job in Michigan. To understand in a better way, have a look at the salary figures mentioned below:

Standard CNA Salary in MI


CNA-Michigan 3

Average Annual Salary in Michigan $27,000
Average Annual Salary in United States $29,000

CNA Salaries in Different Cities


CNA-Michigan 2

Name of the City Average Annual Figures
Ann Arbor $24,000
Battle Creek $25,000
Benton Harbor $25,000
Detroit $28,000
Grand Rapids $22,000
Lansing $23,000
Muskegon $22,000
Saginaw $26,000

CNA Salary in Different Settings


CNA-Michigan 1

Name of the Employment Setting Average Annual Figures
Hospital $30,000
Nursing Home $24,000
Home Care $22,000
Self Employed $45,000
Home Health Agencies $29,000
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