CNA Salary in Minnesota

The annual CNA salary in Minnesota ranges from $20,500 to $35,000. It is a state where nursing assistants have potential to earn high. The nurse aide training programs are quite inexpensive, considering perks offered by a CNA job in Minnesota. Average annual salary of nursing assistants in the state is same as the national average. There is only slight difference among salaries offered at various locations and facilities across the state. Though, still there are variations accounting geographic location, employer, specialty of nursing practice, experience and professional achievements. Many nurse aides begin rendering individual services after proper experience. The hourly wages earned by the aides in this state are as high as $17, sprouting from a minimum $10 per hour.

Standard CNA Salary in MN


CNA- Minnesota 1

Average Annual Salary in Minnesota $27,000
Average Annual Salary in United States $29,000

CNA Salaries in Different Cities


CNA- Minnesota 2

Name of the City Average Annual Figures
Duluth $23,000
Minneapolis $27,000
Rochester $28,000
St. Cloud $20,000

 CNA Salary in Different Settings


CNA- Minnesota 3

Name of the Employment Setting Average Annual Figures
Hospital $30,000
Nursing Home $24,000
Home Care $22,000
Self Employed $45,000
Home Health Agencies $29,000
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