CNA Salary in Mississippi

The nursing assistants have been earning reasonable salaries in the state of Mississippi. There are a number of CNA training programs available throughout the state. Many of these programs are provided by American Red Cross. A candidate can earn between the brackets of $16,000-$25,000 being a nurse aide in Mississippi. This is an entry-level position of nursing field that technically does not involve professional nursing skills. An aspirant can further lever his/her career by pursing higher education towards registered nurse occupation. Despite, nurse aide being a low-pay job, it provides an early debut to nursing career. Many nursing assistants become self-employed, earning hourly wages between $7.50 and $12.

Standard CNA Salary in Mississippi


CNA- Mississippi 1

Average Annual Salary in Mississippi $35,000
Average Annual Salary in United States $29,000

CNA Salaries in Different Cities


CNA- Mississippi 2

Name of the City Average Annual Figures
Biloxi $27,000
Columbus $29,000
Greenville $32,000
Gulfport $26,000
Jackson $35,000
Pascagoula $26,000

CNA Salary in Different Settings


CNA- Mississippi 3

Name of the Employment Setting Average Annual Figures
Hospital $39,000
Nursing Home $31,000
Home Care $28,000
Self Employed $59,000
Home Health Agencies $37,000
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