CNA Salary in Nevada

One can make anywhere between $22,500 and $42,000 per annum through a CNA job in Nevada. The state ranks second in paying to nurse aides. Not only the facilities of Nevada are paying high to nursing assistants, self-employed aides are also making between $11 and $20 per hour. The CNA salary in Nevada is far higher than the national average. Any high school graduate or GED can aspire to become a nurse aide. The training programs are neither expensive nor of long duration. Thus, CNA has been proving to be a quick source of earning. However, it must not be considered a job-for-pay. Nursing is not everybody’s cup of tea. Nurse aide position offers reasonable earnings, while having potential of being full-fledged career into nursing.

Standard CNA Salary:


CNA- Nevada 3

Average Annual Wages in United States


Average Annual Wages in Nevada


CNA Salary in the Cities of Nevada


CNA- Nevada 2

Name of City Average Annual Salary
Carson City $26,000
Las Vegas $25,000
Reno $26,000

CNA Salary in Different Settings


CNA- Nevada 1

Name of Employment Setting Average Annual Figures
Hospital $31,000
Nursing Home $24,000
Home Care $23,000
Self Employed $47,000
Home Health Agencies $30,000
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