CNA Salary in North Carolina

In North Carolina, CNA salary typically ranges from $16,500 to $30,000 annually. Average annual CNA salary in North Carolina is $29,000 that is same as the national average. There are only slight variations among salary packages offered at different locations. These variations are due to change of locality, healthcare facilities, experience requirement, and area of nursing practice. Nurse aides are better paid by hospitals and home health agencies, while self-employed aides have been earning most. The average annual earning of self-employed aides in the state is $47,000.  The hourly wages range from $8 to $14. North Carolina employs around 3 percent nursing assistant workforce of the whole country and still more than average job projection is expected in future.

Standard CNA Salary in NC


CNA- North Carolina 3

Average Annual Salary in North Carolina $29,000
Average Annual Salary in United States $29,000

CNA Salary in Different Cities of North Carolina


CNA- North Carolina 2

Name of the City Average Annual Salary
Asheville $22,000
Charlotte $28,000
Fayetteville $26,000
Gastonia $29,000
Greensboro $26,000
Salisbury $26,000
High point $26,000
Winston-Salem $27,000

CNA Salary in Different Settings


CNA- North Carolina 1

Name of the Employment Setting Average Annual Figures
Hospital $32,000
Nursing Home $25,000
Home Care $23,000
Self Employed $47,000
Home Health Agencies $30,000
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