CNA Salary in Rhode Island

The CNA salary in Rhode Island varies between $21,000 and $37,500 per annum. The average nurse aide salary in Rhode Island is $31,000 annually. Certified nurse assistant’s position can be secured by taking a state approved CNA training program and passing the certification exam. According to recent figures of Bureau of labor Statistics, approximately 8,060 nurse aides are employed by the state. CNAs are employed by hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, home health agencies, and various long-term healthcare facilities. Many nurse aides begin their own practice after gaining appropriate experience. In Rhode Island, people now prefer hiring nurse assistants for individualized care at home, instead of getting admitted to a nursing home. Self-employed aides have no less scope. They have been earning between $10 and $18. Their annual earnings average to $52,000. There is wide variation among salaries. These variations happen on account of location, locality, employer, area of practice, experience, services and professional achievements. Obviously, nurse aides have fine prospects in CNA jobs at Rhode Island.

Standard CNA Salary


CNA- Rhode Island 1

Average Annual Salary in Rhode Island $31,000
Average Annual Salary in United States $29,000

CNA Salary in Different Cities of Rhode Island


CNA- Rhode Island 2

Name of the City Average Annual Salary
Providence $28,000
Warwick $29,000
Cranston $28,000
Cumberland $27,000
Coventry $29,000
Westerly $25,000
Woonsocket $33,000

CNA Salary in Different Settings


CNA- Rhode Island 3

Name of the Employment Setting Average Annual Figures
Hospital $35,000
Nursing Home $27,000
Home Care $25,000
Self Employed $52,000
Home Health Agencies $33,000
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