CNA Skills

The CNA examination requires you to perform two to three skills in front of the examiner. They are chosen from the set of skills that you have already learned in the CNA class. During the demonstration, you are required to show the extent of efficiency, attentiveness and observation with which you can perform a skill. Generally, students consider the written part of the certifying nursing assistant examination easy, while the practical test part as nerve wracking. Also, this part of the test accounts for more marks as compared to the written examination. So, you will never want to mess it up!

To make things easier for you, we have discussed all the skills that you can be asked to demonstrate in the test. We have described the most appropriate procedure to execute a skill, posted a list of do's and don'ts and have CNA expert's tips and opinions on how you should perform them during the examination. All descriptions have been accompanied by a video too. We hope this makes it easier for you to revise things right before the test.

Here's a list of skills that we have described:

Some More Important Skills:

The skills demonstration portion of the examination can be a little different for different states. For instance, the number of skills that you have to perform in the CNA test may vary from one state to another. In some of them, you are required to demonstrate three to five skills in front of the evaluator, while some require you to present as many as six skills. However, the way one needs to execute them remains same for all states.

Expert CNAs believe that one of the most perfect methods to master the skills is to practice them on your relatives and friends. Practicing several times will boost up your confidence and will make you more ready for the final day!

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