Free CNA Training in Arkansas

CNAs provide direct patient care services in clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. To become a CNA in Arkansas, you will have to attend a CNA training program, recognized by the Arkansas State Board of Nursing. The cost of these training programs is a several hundred dollars. However, there are many ways to pursue free CNA training programs in Arkansas. You will have to obtain a diploma in high school or General Education Development (GED) certificate, before enrolling for a CNA training programs. Also, you must be proficient in reading, writing and speaking English.

You can contact the Arkansas Department of Health, to obtain information about free CNA training programs. This department conducts various free CNA training programs periodically, which are managed by the Home Health and Hospice branch of the department. But you will have to pass an exam conducted by this department, to pursue a free CNA training. Usually, the training program is of 90 hours. The training classes are organized from Monday to Friday.

If you are unemployed and going to start a new career, then you can contact to the local income assistance office for a financial assistance. You can also contact the Arkansas State Board of Nursing to know about free CNA training programs. The board representative will help you in finding the agencies that sponsors free CNA training programs. Job corps may also help you find various ways of free CNA training programs.

Many private and government organizations, technical schools, local community colleges and the State Board of Nursing offer scholarships and free CNA training to the aspiring candidates. You can get detailed information about these institutions and organizations through job placement agencies and local community centers.

Several low cost or free CNA training programs are conducted in Arkansas. Many residential health centers and nursing homes provide free CNA training to the new employees. But for that, the employees have to work with these residential health centers and nursing homes for a particular period of time.

The CNA training programs include on-the job training sessions during which, the students get the opportunity to work in clinics and hospitals, under the supervision of an experienced medical professional. Body mechanics, human behavior, infection control, human anatomy, nutritional diet standards, activities of daily living, etc. are some of the topics covered in the training programs. Students have to devote some hours in classroom study as well. The training programs prepare you to obtain a CNA certification recognized by the state of Arkansas.

After getting the certification, you may work in hospitals, private home cares, retirement homes, assisted living homes, rehabilitation centers, clinics and health care centers. Excellent career opportunities are available to CNAs in Arkansas. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) of U.S. predicted a sixty-two percent growth in the employment opportunities for CNAs in the coming years. The reasons for this growth in the demand of CNAs in Arkansas are: increase in the number of elderly people, who require extra health care and expected increase in the number of retirements in future, which in turn will lead to a large number of job openings. In Arkansas, CNAs earn a mean income of $29,000 per annum. The mean income of new CAN employees is around $20,000 per annum, but the income increases with the increase in experience.

List of Nursing homes in Arkansas offering free CNA training:

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