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Colorado is the state, which follows ‘no age bar’ criteria for pursuing a Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) certification. Many nurse aides in the state are high school students. Individuals can enter a nursing profession quite early as nurse aide. The profession on one hand serves as a medium of earning a living, while at the same time, helps achieving clinical experience and exposure beneficial in a prospective nursing career. Getting listed in the nurse aide registry is the evidence of being licensed. Colorado Nurse Aide registry maintains and updates database of certified nursing assistants practicing in the state.

An individual has to go through a state approved CNA training program and pass certification exam in order to get licensed. There are more than 300 approved nurse aide training programs in the state. Candidates can find a list of approved nurse aide programs on Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) Colorado Board of Nursing. They can also download application forms for applying to a nurse assistant program from the website. Every nurse aide program in state is at least 150 hours in length with minimum 70 hours devoted to classroom instructions and 80 hours dedicated for clinical practice. After completion of a training program, candidates need to qualify certification exam within 24 months to get licensed.

The certification exam has a written test and a clinical demonstration. Written test is a two-hour examination having multiple-choice questions administered at testing centers of Pearson Vue. In clinical exam, candidate has to show practical nursing skills taught while hand-on practice of the training program. Candidates need to pass both written and clinical tests separately. Colorado Board of Nursing has put no restrictions on number of retests. However, both components must be qualified within 24-month eligibility period. Those licenses, which might have lapsed, can be reinstated by at least 8 hours of clinical practice involving direct patient care or by examination. In Colorado, exam fee of written test is $25 whereas of clinical exam is $70. The fees has to be paid every time, a test is taken.

Nurse aides licensed in other states can start practicing in Colorado by endorsement of their licenses or certification by exam. Nurse aide registry, also, maintains records of abuse, neglect or misappropriation of patient’s property, and penalizes defaulters by suspending or discontinuing their CNA licenses. Healthcare facilities can verify certification status as well as reports of abuse online. Colorado Nurse Aide Registry is an important wing of Board of Nursing. It plays a crucial role in implementation of healthcare standards stated under federal laws within the state.

Individuals may need contacting state nurse aide registry for several reasons, like for applying to license, confirming approval of a training program, applying to recertify or endorse, etc. The contact details of Colorado Board of Nursing are as follows:

Address: – CO Nurse Aide Registry, Colorado Board of Nursing, 1560 Broadway, Suite 1350, Denver, CO 80202
Fax: – 303-894-2821
Phone: – 303-894-2430

Website:Colorado Nurse Aide Registry , Colorado Board of Nursing

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