Hawaii Nurse Aide Registry

In Hawaii, nurse aide training programs are organized by the American Red Cross. Successful completion of an approved nurse assistant program and passing subsequent certification exam places an individual in Hawaii nurse aide registry. Such individuals are licensed to work as nurse aide in the state. Healthcare facilities must check certification status of a candidate with the registry before employing him/her.

First step towards becoming a nursing assistant is taking an approved nurse aide training. There are around 50 training programs available in the state. Red Cross CNA programs are usually 130 hours or more in duration. They include at least 100 hours of lectures or lab sessions and at least 30 hours of clinical practice related to direct patient care. Candidates require qualifying TB-2 health examination and background screening before entering a training program. CNA training in Hawaii costs between $1000 and $1500. Within two years from completion of training, candidates need to pass certification test.

The test has two components: written and clinical. In Hawaii, clinical exam is administered first followed by the written examination. In clinical test, individuals have to demonstrate any five nursing skills out of a set of 25 competency skills. In written test, there are 70 multiple-choice questions. In Hawaii, examination fee of written test is $90 and of clinical test is $150. Test takers are also charged application processing fee of $35. It is necessary to pass both the tests, in order to qualify for the license. CNA licenses remain valid for two-year period. Later, they have to be renewed in every two years by continuing education or examination.

Healthcare facilities can look up the certification status of a job applicant on the registry online or by enquiring on phone. By law, they must employ only those candidates, who are licensed to serve. Facilities are also held responsible to report incidences of abuse, neglect, mistreatment, or misappropriation of patient’s properties to the registry, so that, Hawaii nurse aide registry could conduct an inspection and sue the defaulters. The registry, not only, maintains the database of licensed aides, it is equally liable to implement healthcare standards in the state. It also conducts audits of nursing homes and hospitals time to time.

Nurse aide position is often, aspired by high school graduates, who are eager to begin a career in nursing quite early. There is no requirement of obtaining a nursing degree to secure this designation. Mostly, nursing students become a nursing assistant earning a pocket money while completing associate or bachelor degree in nursing towards registered nurse position.

The registry is not only useful for employers, candidates entering a nurse aide program or applying for test can find valuable information and guidance from it. The contact details of Hawaii Nurse Aide Registry are as follows:

 Address: – HI Nurse Aide Registry, HI Department of Commerce & Consumers Affairs, Professional & Vocational Licensing Branch, PO Box 3469 Honolulu, HI 96801
Fax: – 808-734-8318
Phone: – 808-739-8122

Website: – Hawaii Nurse Aide Registry, Red Cross Hawaii Chapter

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