Louisiana Nurse Aide Registry

Louisiana Nurse Aide Registry (LABENFA) is regulated by Department of Health and Hospitals, State of Louisiana. The nurse aide registry maintains records of name and address of certified nurse assistants in the state and their work history. In Louisiana, the cases of abuse, neglect or misappropriation of patient’s property are investigated by Department of Child and Family Services. There is an online system called Online Tracking Incident System (OTIS) that must be used by nursing facilities for immediate reporting of incidents of abuse or neglect. The aides, who are found guilty of such crimes, are registered into the abuse registry and are forbidden from practice.

Any candidate, willing to practice as nursing assistant in the state, needs to be registered into the registry. He/she has to go through an approved training program and pass the certification test. Nurse aide training programs in the state are at least 100 hours in duration including classroom instructions and hand-on practice. The training program is followed by a health examination and a background check. The training programs are provided by state approved hospitals, nursing homes, hospice agencies, home health agencies, adult day healthcare centers, and other long-term nursing facilities.

The certification test consists of a written test and a clinical exam. In written test, there are multiple-choice questions related to physical care, psychosocial care, and role of a nurse aide. In clinical examination, candidates have to demonstrate any five nurse aide skills out of a set of 25 competency skills. Clinical exam is often administered after one or two weeks from written test. Successful completion of training and qualifying health examination, background check and both components of test within two years from conclusion of training program, places the candidate into the registry. Nurse aide licenses remain valid for a period of two years. They have to be renewed in two-year cycles by taking continuing education or again passing the certification test.

Healthcare facilities of the state are legally responsible to verify certification status of a candidate before employing anybody at nurse aide position. They can confirm entry of an individual into the registry online at labenfa.com by entering his/her social security number. They can also verify registry status of a candidate by calling at 225-295-8575. They should report employment status of recruited nurse aides by submitting NAT-7 form. The registry also maintains records of work history of nursing assistants. The nurse aides themselves are responsible to submit their work history to the registry. Failing to report work history can cause trouble in recertification and renewal of licenses.

Nurse aides require contacting the registry many times in course of their career while training to maintenance of their certificates. The contact details of Louisiana Nurse Aide Registry are as follows-

Address: – LA Nurse Aide Registry, LA State Board of Examiners for Nursing Facility Administrators, 5647 Superior Drive
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70816-6049
Fax: – 225-295-8578
Phone: – 225-295-8575

Website: – Louisiana Nurse Aide Registry

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