Nevada Nurse Aide Registry

Nevada Nurse Aide Registry is regulated by Nevada Board of Nursing. It maintains records of name, address, Social Security Number (SSN), and work history of Certified Nurse Assistants (CNAs) authorized to practice in the state. It is important that Nevada Nurse Aide Registry does not issue CNA licenses, it only provides certificates.

Nurse aide certificate holders are placed into the registry. An individual needs taking a state approved nurse aide training program and pass the certification test, in order, to get placed on the registry. There are 20 nurse aide programs available in Nevada. Half of these programs can be joined only by high school students. All training programs are at least 75 hours long encompassing theoretical knowledge as well as clinical practice.

The training programs are based on a curriculum approved by the state board of nursing. A typical nurse aide training program imparts knowledge and skills related to direct patient care including following topical areas: Role of Nurse Aide, Infection Control and Safety, Communication Skills, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Personal Care Skills, Nutritional Care, Measurement of Vital Signs, Exercise and Activity, Admission and Discharge Procedures, Elimination Procedures, Rehabilitation, Caring Clients with Nervous System Disorders, Caring Clients with Respiratory Diseases, Caring Clients with Diabetes, Caring Clients with Cognitive Impairment, and End-of-Life Care.

The training is followed by certification test. Certification exam has two components- Knowledge Test and Skills Evaluation. In knowledge test, there are multiple-choice questions related to theoretical knowledge imparted while training. In skills evaluation, individuals have to demonstrate clinical competency skills under supervision of a registered nurse. It is necessary to pass both components for getting certified. Trainees get three chances, at most, to qualify these exams. If they are unable to pass in either attempt, they need redoing entire training program. The exams are administered by Thompson Prometric in the state.

The certificates have a validity period of two years. They must be renewed in every two years from initial credentialing by taking continuing education or passing certification test again. The state requires nurse aides to go through 24 hours of CNA related training for recertification.
The registry also keeps a record of incidences of abuse, neglect, misappropriation of resident’s property and mistreatment. When a facility reports occurrence of such incidence, the registry conducts an investigation and place the nurse aide into the abuse registry if found guilty. If one gets listed into the abuse registry, he/she can no longer practice in either Nevada or any other state.

The nurse aides, who are practicing or licensed in other states can migrate to a nursing facility of the state, provided they are currently registered in nurse aide registry of their state. If their registration or license has expired, they have to achieve new certification for getting enrolled into the registry.

The registry performs a number of operations from certification, re-certification, and change of name or address to endorsement. Nurse aides require contacting the registry several times. The contact details of Nevada Nurse Aide Registry are as follows:

Address: – NV Nurse Aide Registry, NV State Board of Nursing, 5011 Meadow Mall Way, Suite 300, Reno, NV 89502-6547
Fax: – 775-687-7707
Phone: – 888-590-6726, 775-687-7700
Website: – Nevada Nurse Aide Registry

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