Tennessee Nurse Aide Registry

Tennessee State Department of Health is responsible for maintaining state’s nurse aide registry. The registry is a list of essential details of Certified Nurse Aides holding current certification in the state. Following details of each licensed nurse aide are registered into the registry: name, address, registration status, certification status, and work history.

In order to get listed onto the registry, one must complete a state approved nurse aide program. A comprehensive list of available nurse aide programs can be found on state’s Department of Health website. The training programs are at least 75 hours long comprising of classroom instructions and hands on practice. Each training program includes 16 hours of classroom lectures preparing a theoretical foundation before employing into clinical practice. These initial instructions are about interpersonal and communication skills, resident independence, resident rights, infection control, emergency and safety procedures.

Once the training is accomplished, candidate has to pass competency test. It is a two-part exam. First part is a written test consisting of multiple-choice questions and second part is a clinical assessment. Clinical exam assesses proficiency in 25 competency skills essential for a nurse aide job. The competency test can also be challenged by nursing students after getting approval to test by Department of Health.

It is necessary to attempt 75 percent questions correctly in order to pass the written test. Passing standard for clinical exam is scoring 80 percent marks on each skills task, without missing a step. It is must to pass both components of exam for getting certified. CNA test can be taken at most three times until it is passed. These attempts are allowed within 24-month validity period of the nurse aide training.

The certification has to be maintained by obtaining continuing education credits or by examination. The nurse aides can maintain their credential by practicing in a clinical setting of the state for at least one 8-hour shift for monetary compensation while their certification is active.

The state allows nurse aides from other states to transfer to a healthcare facility of the state through reciprocity, except to nurse aides from Georgia, Florida and North Carolina. Certified Nurse Aides from state of Georgia require passing competency test for credentialing, provided they are currently registered in their state. Similarly, nurse aides from Florida and North Carolina, have to redo a nurse aide training program recognized by Tennessee and pass the certification test.

Department of Health maintains an abuse registry. If a nurse aide is found guilty of abuse, misappropriation of patient’s property, mistreatment, or neglect, he/she is placed into the abuse registry and prohibited from service throughout United States. Employers can access CNA registry as well as abuse registry online. They can confirm certification status of an individual by calling at an automated phone number- 1-800-778-4504.

The registry needs to be contacted for accomplishing a number of operations like registration, change of name or address, recertification, reciprocity and endorsement. The contact details of Tennessee Nurse Aide Registry are as follows:

Address: – TN Nurse Aide Registry, TN Department of Health, Division of Health Care Facilities, Cordell Hull Building, 3rd Floor, 425 5th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37243
Fax: – 615-248-3601
Phone: – 615-532-5171, 615-741-7670
Website: – Tennessee Nurse Aide Registry,
Tennessee Abuse Registry,
Tennessee Department of Health

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