Texas Nurse Aide Registry

Any individual, who is at least 16 years of age, can become a nurse aide in Texas. The certification is followed by placement into the Texas Nurse Aide Registry. The registry maintains records of name, address, registration status and employment of Certified Nurse Aides (CNA) active in the state.

The certification process involves completing a state approved nurse aide training program and passing the certification test. With according to federal law, all nurse aide programs in the state are at least 75 hours long. A nurse aide program delivers a combination of classroom lectures and corresponding practical sessions. Some part of the training is offered in actual clinical settings.

After training, one must pass the certification exam within 24 months in order to get registered. In Texas, National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) is conducted as the certification test. NNAAP is divided into a knowledge test and a clinical assessment. In knowledge test, candidates face 70 multiple-choice questions pertaining to direct care of residents. Clinical assessment is the test of competency skills required to perform nurse aide duty. There are 25 competency skills stated in accordance to federal laws, out of which, any five can be asked to perform in the test.

Individuals get maximum three attempts to pass each component of test. It is necessary to pass both parts of exam for achieving certification. Many times, it happens that candidates are able to pass the written component, but fails to qualify skills evaluation. Therefore, it is recommended to take the clinical component of the test first.

Pearson Vue administers the exam in Texas. Examination fee of written component is $58 and of skills evaluation is $35. The test can be taken in Spanish other than English. In Spanish, it is conducted only in oral testing. The oral testing is also available for exam taken in English. Examination fee of oral Spanish and oral English tests is $71.
In Texas, nurse aides can recertify by submitting proof of employment secured within 24 months from training or previous recertification. A nurse aide requires work experience of at least 8 hours within past 24 months at a healthcare facility of the state in order to satisfy recertification requirements.

The nurse aides, who are registered or licensed in other states, can begin practice in the state by placing them into the registry through reciprocity. If their certification has been lapsed, they have to pass competency evaluation or take nurse aide training as well as pass competency test, for getting registered in the state.

Following the federal laws, Texas also maintains an abuse registry, where nurse aides, who were found indulged in abuse, neglect, misappropriation of resident’s property or mistreatment are listed. Such individuals are charged with criminal convictions and their certifications are abrogated. They are banned from practice throughout United States.

The registry is involved in licensing and certification processes of nurse aides. Nurse assistants require contacting the registry one or the other time. The contact details of Texas Nurse Aide Registry are as follows-

Address: – TX Nurse Aide Registry, TX Department of Aging & Disability Services, Mail E-414, PO Box 149030, Austin, TX 78714-9030
Fax: – 512- 438-2052
Phone: – 800-452-3934, 512-438-2050
Website: – Texas Nurse Aide Registry,
Texas Department of State Health Services

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